Samstag, 8. Februar 2014


Hey folks

Today I'd like to talk about something a did, or actually did not quite often in the past few years when it comes to, shooting everyday.

I have some awesome cameras, digital as well as film, but I rarely shoot more than once a week.
When I first started out to take pictures, as a kid, even though I "just" had film and point&shoot camera, I went out shooting way more often.
Also with my first digital SLR, a few years back, I had it with me as often as possible. I even went out shooting when it was cold at 4 o'clock in the morning, sometimes after getting home from the club, to capture the magical "blue hour".

But lately I don't do that anymore, I got lazy, always having the excuse of a heavy camera with some lenses, tripod etc. etc..

I really missed some nice sunsets or overall great scenes during vacation (Milan, New York...) or in everyday life because of that habit I got myself into.

I told myself it's not worth the time shooting with a small SLR or smartphone because the images won't be perfect in a technical kind of seeing them.
But I have to be honest, they don't need to be.

Since a few days I carry around my little Fuji x100s all the time, no matter if I am at work, just going to the supermarket or whatever I do outside.

And guess what, I captured some beautiful images (at least in my opinion) and I am happy about it.

From now on I will be posting a lot more stuff, not only some editorial work or making-of.

View from the terrace at my work, Dammtor, Hamburg.

Looking towards area of "Messe Hamburg" and the old TV-tower

Sunshine falling through two buildings right before work, near "Hoheluft Brücke"

Edge of our office building

Walking to the train station "Wilhelmsburg" before work

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