Sonntag, 6. März 2011

Project: People in the evening - Week 5 Update 14

Dear followers...

This time I took my project to Mainframe Monsta at Arena, Vienna.. (Blog entry before this one)
The plan was using the location's lighting....

Worked out pretty good, but in my mind it was a little brighter there, so I needed to use 2 stops more ISO I usually do.. I'm glad the D700 has no problem with that.

Used my Sigma 50 1.4..  I could use a shorter lens for situations like that.. had a hard time taking pictures with more than the face on them... but worked out okay...

Those are the results :)

Anita... thanks for your time :) The bunny ears are a really nice eye-catcher :)

I like her slightly gold shimmering hair on this one..

Jojo being stupid.. as she is all the time :D


The ex-cheergirl Aurelia :)

Berni.. will take pictures of him again.. when he's rollerblading..

And finally Lisa... tried a little gold/yellow tone her.. works out really good I think..

Was a nice thing working with more than one or two people in a row ... maybe I'll try it a gain in front of the Flex or so..

Thanks for reading.. and liking :)

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