Donnerstag, 3. März 2011

Project: People in the evening - Week 5 Update 12

Another update of my project.
I'm pretty excited about this week because for the first time I haven't met a close friend for the pictures, I took them of a girl who asked me if she could be part of the project.

Here we go..

One of the first pictures we took.. I like this spot very much.. great colors to work with.. light from all sides... and a gorgeous smile :)

On those pictures I used the 105mm lens, wanted some pictures that are a little darker than the usual one's...

Wonderful smile here... I think it was the day's last picture,.. pretty much said to her she should behave a little different.. stupid, funny, whatever.. I guess she found that funny enough to laugh :)

I have to thank Bea for that half hour... lovely young lady :)

There is always more tk... tomorrow.. saturday.. we'll see !

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  1. Die Bilder sehen echt gut aus. Toller Kontrast und versprühen wahre Lebensfreude.

    Lg Robert.