Sonntag, 13. März 2011

Future Beatz feat. Culture Shock

Last night, after sleeping just 4 hours I took pictures at the Flex club in Vienna.
Had great fun meeting a bunch of new (and funny) people and taking pictures... wanted a combination of my "normal" work with the ultra wide angle lens (Tamron 10-24) and available light pictures with the D700 + Sigma 50 f/1.4... hope you like them on Volume !!

Congratulations to to the Cheergirls !! :)

Laughed a lot with these girls :D

Culture Shock !

Love how the spot hits his head...

Mc Daxta... wanted him a little like a silhouette 

They wanted a nicer picture than the normal party pictures.. so I did one... but haven't expected to need such high ISO in front of the flex..

She's always looking away when I take pictures.. this time... not.. 

Lea... winning cheer-team member.. backstage... what the heck did she backstage ?

Tom.. UAF stage manager with Culture Shock...

Because I'm soooo mean.. thanks Pam !

... project update in the evening..

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