Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Wicked feat. awesome Jenna G. !!

Wicked... what could I say that's awesome enough for what happened last night ?
... instead of saying too much I show you what she does..

Total Science feat. Jenna G - Ooo

or MY favorite of her.. Jenna G - In Love (accoustic version)

And here is what I did yesterday... beside this incredible lady there was a "wicked party" (obviously)
For the stage pictures of Jenna I used my D700 + the Sigma 50 f/1.4... needed ISO 2500 to be able to use a fast enough shutter speed for her.. she's really jumpin' around :D

Like the colors on this one.. that's, btw, the original WB the camera was choosing at Auto WB..

Wonderful expression.. simply singin'

In my opinion this is a really sensual expression she presents with her mimic as well as her gesture..

I think the lighting here is awesome.. was lucky with the intensity of the spot in front of her..

Just some backstage portraits... the left one is the photographer of the Flex club .. his pictures will be at and the right one is a friend of mine who asked me to take a normal picture of her (one on which she isn't drunk :D)

Wonderful... I love those two ladies.. we had so much fun together in the past.. :D

Good use of distortion ?

And finally some "normal" party pictures :)

Hope you like em'... please feel free to like the post and/or write a comment.. :)

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