Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Test Game - Warlords vs. Generals

Today I took some pictures of a test game between the (Vienna) Warlords and the (Maribor) Generals.

First time doing that, and oh Lord, it's exhausting running around with all those lenses and cameras.
My main gear was the Nikon D700 (with Battery Grip) + the Nikon Af-s 70-200 2.8 ED VR II... I can tell you.. that's a tremendous lens.. razor sharp, even with open f-stop, and it's focusing right on time..

I'm pretty pleased with the pictures, especially because it was the first time doing that.
Next time I will use a TC 1.7 for close to 350mm focal length, that will give me the opportunity to shoot plays on the other side if the field.. and I will try some other points of view... maybe that gives the pictures a little "kick"

 Big thanks to my assistant Veronika !!

And the pictures... any suggestions in terms of post production ?

more tk, hopefully soon !!

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