Mittwoch, 2. Februar 2011

Starting a new project - "People in the evening"

Hey followers

Yesterday I took some portraits in the evening, using just the lights of the streets, that could be a lantern, or lights of shop windows,..

Because I really love that look I will repeat that as often as possible, ... I will post the best pictures every week, using just lighting like that !

Here is what I did yesterday..

I basically, as said, used the light of the shop window on the right as a fill light and those behind her as a "hair light".
Needed just ISO400 at f/2.0 and 1/60s ... maybe a little lower ISO could be possible if I open the f-stop a bit more.. but I guess it's pretty good for taking pictures in the evening..
In terms of post processing I used, as I do every time, lot's of dodge & burn, then added some noise for a more analogue like look and some Highpass for more contrast.

Here I just did pretty much the same as before, but without noise and I tried a more soft/beauty look..

Hope you like the start of this project.... more tk...

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