Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

Project: People in the evening - Week 4 Update 11

Next Update,.. this time a little more planned, kinda shooting character instead of "just" doing portraiture.

For today's pictures I met Dina, a friend of a friend.. (weird ?) who saw my pictures and wanted to shoot with me for the project.

The lil' russian girl was really cold-resistant, obviously... some Vodka shot and the world is okay ;)

Due to being early we walked around, searching the right spot to start and I decided to start a little bit earlier and benefit of the deep blue sky once again,... after taking the first shots in a more cozy outfit she changed and put on a nice dress and high heels for some more pictures.

Thanks for shooting Dina !

Here you can see the deep blue sky,..

A bit of a profound or reflective mood here.. I think the tone the sky produces in the b/w is a really good match cause it falls pretty perfect between her dark hair and the skintone.

Lovely Bokeh here in combination with her expression.. nice one..

For this picture we searched a real narrow alley to match that kind of b/w style....

Thanks for reading the Blog.. if you like it.. like it :D
More to come pretty soon !

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