Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Project: People in the evening - Week 4 Update 10

Started the 4th week of my project with another gorgeous blue eyed girl, lord, I really know lot's of girls with blue eyes :)

After having some coffee we walked around the first district, starting at the university of Vienna, ending up at the "Schwedenplatz" on the other side of the district.
Talked a lot and took a few pictures,...

This time I tried to get a bit more contrast by underexposing the picture slightly to not burn out too many highlights in the background...
Also used the 105mm lens, was lucky to find a really bright spot where I could use it properly.

And what we did is that...

Was pretty nice with all the bright Bokeh in the background, matching her bright eyes, hair and skin really wonderful.

Tried a bit of a different crop,.. focusing more on her smile :)

Here I used the longer glass,.. the Bokeh is a bit softer than the Sigma's ... I guess you can see, it was very very cold !

Hope you like those pictures, feel free to like the post or comment :)

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