Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

project: People in the evening - Week 3 Update 9

Today I met some fellas in the city to take some shots for my project.
Since I had a couple with me I also took some shots of them, I can tell you, I had a hard time getting both in focus with a pretty wide open aperture ... but on one picture both look cute and are in focus.. :)

Also played around with lenses and post production.
Tried the Af-s Micro 105 2.8 VR... f2.8 is definitely not enough for taking that shots,.. I even tried ISO 800 but the picture was pretty dark... so I will need to get a 85 1.4 or 105 2.0 ... if I want to use a longer lens for my project.

As I edited the pictures I was using some color/tonal variations and some different types of b/w.

Was using my D700 + Sigma 50 f/1.4 EX HSM again..

Her expression is very natural as she was looking towards her boyfriend....

Really like her glossy eyes on this one !

As I mentioned earlier, those two are a couple and it was pretty hard to get both in focus.. but here I was lucky with the focus,.. the expression is very human and very warm, so I charged it, made 3 frames and that was the deal :)

Tried to use the lantern as a hairlight ... worked out pretty good

Same here, but stood at the opposite side of the place :)

Funny situation.. told him not to look angry as he did most of the time, then Lisa, his girlfriend started acting stupid... and that's the result :)

More to come, hopefully soon ! :)


  1. ah, ich mag das zweitletzte sehr! Ich fotografiere auch sehr gerne Menschen, aber ich komme so selten dazu. (Außerdem habe ich noch keine gute SLR, mit der analogen oder meiner pinken Digicam nehmen mich die Leute nur bedingt ernst. ;)

    Mir gefallen die Portraits, liebe Grüße, Farina :)