Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Project: People in the evening - Week 3 Update 6

Haven't been able to update the project the last days, but today I took some really nice pictures :)

After shooting Marie & Andy I took some pictures of them for my project, because it wasn't completely dark I was lucky and had a beautiful blue sky at the pictures, the interesting thing was, I needed higher ISO as I use normally because the street lights weren't as bright as they are later in the evening.

After that I met an schoolmate, she wanted me to take pictures of her for my project because she likes it, and so we walked around the first district and I really like those pictures.
She has so beautiful blue eyes I could work with.. awesome.

Used the D700 around ISO 400-640 and my Sigma 50 1.4 for those pictures, I can tell you, the Bokeh is really great... haven't seen such a Bokeh at a short lens like that...

As I told you.. had a nice dark blue sky at the time we took those pictures,... really like the reflection in their eyes ... the Sigma lens produces really nice colors and has a great contrast.. a nice improvement to the Nikon 50 1.4.. the only "bad" thing is, it's a bit tricky in terms of focus.. sometimes it does not focus perfectly... but the most time it's okay.

And here are the other pictures.. we searched for a bright and colorful background.. and one the last picture I was lucky to catch a little (red) hairlight from above.. just the last finishing touch ! :)

Hope you like those pictures.. more tk of this project for sure !

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