Samstag, 5. Februar 2011

Project: People in the evening - Week 1 - Update 2

Hey folks

Second time taking pictures for my project, so I decided not to update weekly, instead I will post every time  I was able to take pictures for the project.

This time my model was a very good friend of mine, Kathi.
The funny thing was,.. she is soooo doubtful about her look, especially when it comes to photographs of her. Last time she did a little shooting the photographer wasn't able to take good pictures of her.. what a shame.. she IS a beauty :)

The thing I have to mention.. I have NOT (!!) softened the skin.. she has such a soft one !

And here is what we did... this time I used a different metering than last time to light the face correctly... I guess I'm to bright anyway but that's simple a learning process.

Simply loved the Bokeh and that kind of little hairlight ...

Really natural kind of expression on her face + the wind.. perfect ! :)

Those are the ones I talked about earlier,.. placed her right in the middle of that alley to light her really even.. guess that worked out pretty good... maybe the background is a little too bright.. but I like those anyway..

Close up portraits with the light coming from the front and creating a really brilliant reflection in her eyes !

For all the pictures I used my D700 between IS= 400 and 640 and the Nikon Af-s 50 f/1.4G at f/2-2.8,.. depending on the lighting situation and how much depth of field I wanted...

Hope you like those pictures.. more tk..!

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