Sonntag, 6. Februar 2011

Mainframe feat. Friction

First time taking pictures at a club in 3 weeks or so,..
Had a great time, meeting some friends and listening to nice music.

This time I tried, especially for the crowd pictures, something different.

Placed the off camera flash on a music box to light the crowd from the side and opened the shutter pretty long for intense colors...

Also took Dj pictures of Kidd Ruff, Dj Combo and Friction, MC Youthstar.... really nice line up !! :)

Thanks to Daniel Fürst-Zoffel aka Dj Disaszt  for hosting this party ! :)

The complete Gallery just at Volume !

Here is what I did,..

In terms of post processing I basically used extremely high contrast,... and to the b/w pictures I added some noise,.. more tk..!

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