Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Andy & Marie - Lovely couple

Today I met my friend Marie and her boyfriend Andy and took some quick pictures of them, we hurried up a bit cause it was so damn cold and windy... we will repeat that when Andy is back in Vienna (he's from Bavaria) and the weather is a bit better, which shouldn't be a problem at all, ... but I like those pictures anyway and those two lovers too.. so I guess it will be nice to show them :)

I basically told them to behave like I am not here and the should not look in the camera like they would do at a normal shooting.. just act natural
I really like this picture because you can see Marie is smiling so sweet when she looks at him.. wonderful expression :)

Just liked the background color and took a kissing picture in front of it !
The Bokeh of the Sigma 50 1.4 is just nice :)

Wanted a bit of a cliché like picture where she's leaning at a wall and he's kissing her.. guess we did pretty good :)

Maybe some tips for shooting couples ? :)
More tk,.. for sure !

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