Dienstag, 15. Februar 2011

Ally on Valentine's Day

On monday I met my very good friend Ally to take her out for some lunch and spend a few hours with her.

After that and some nice talking we decided to take some pictures...

Used my D700 + the Sigma 50 1.4..

Loved the snow on her hair and scarf, so I wanted to take a picture... it wasn't the nicest day, in terms of weather conditions, but the clouds gave us a really nice soft light,.. like it !

Even though it was pretty dark that day and I needed really high ISO.. I think like 2500 or 3200,... we took that picture, I have it a little vintage look by adding noise and using b/w... for me it's a bit like a typical girl mood... something between "please let the sun shine" and "beeing at home at Valentine's day" - what do you think ?

Really liked the shadow's on her face on this one, + the jacked.. nice one..

For me that picture is a little bit like Rankin's one of Bjork.. I mean, his one is a "little bit" better I guess.. but with all the hair the wind blew over her face and her facial expression..

Hope you like the pictures, maybe you leave a comment or two ! :)
more tk soon !!

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