Sonntag, 27. Februar 2011

Test Game - Warlords vs. Generals

Today I took some pictures of a test game between the (Vienna) Warlords and the (Maribor) Generals.

First time doing that, and oh Lord, it's exhausting running around with all those lenses and cameras.
My main gear was the Nikon D700 (with Battery Grip) + the Nikon Af-s 70-200 2.8 ED VR II... I can tell you.. that's a tremendous lens.. razor sharp, even with open f-stop, and it's focusing right on time..

I'm pretty pleased with the pictures, especially because it was the first time doing that.
Next time I will use a TC 1.7 for close to 350mm focal length, that will give me the opportunity to shoot plays on the other side if the field.. and I will try some other points of view... maybe that gives the pictures a little "kick"

 Big thanks to my assistant Veronika !!

And the pictures... any suggestions in terms of post production ?

more tk, hopefully soon !!

Wicked feat. awesome Jenna G. !!

Wicked... what could I say that's awesome enough for what happened last night ?
... instead of saying too much I show you what she does..

Total Science feat. Jenna G - Ooo

or MY favorite of her.. Jenna G - In Love (accoustic version)

And here is what I did yesterday... beside this incredible lady there was a "wicked party" (obviously)
For the stage pictures of Jenna I used my D700 + the Sigma 50 f/1.4... needed ISO 2500 to be able to use a fast enough shutter speed for her.. she's really jumpin' around :D

Like the colors on this one.. that's, btw, the original WB the camera was choosing at Auto WB..

Wonderful expression.. simply singin'

In my opinion this is a really sensual expression she presents with her mimic as well as her gesture..

I think the lighting here is awesome.. was lucky with the intensity of the spot in front of her..

Just some backstage portraits... the left one is the photographer of the Flex club .. his pictures will be at and the right one is a friend of mine who asked me to take a normal picture of her (one on which she isn't drunk :D)

Wonderful... I love those two ladies.. we had so much fun together in the past.. :D

Good use of distortion ?

And finally some "normal" party pictures :)

Hope you like em'... please feel free to like the post and/or write a comment.. :)

Samstag, 26. Februar 2011

Studio with an old friend

This time I met friend of mine I haven't done a shooting with in about 9 month or so.
Because she's a fitness trainer she became very athletic (more than she was before) and lost some weight..

We did some Portraits, using different tops and the wind machine the studio I'm shooting at bought a few months ago,.. and then did some pictures for her boyfriend..
Used the trashy look of the old building where the studio is located for some pictures in underwear...

Here is what we did:

The goal here was to blow the wind totally over her face...
Used a Beauty Dish as a main light camera left above her head and two Striplights behind her (camera left/right) ... we both stood on a chair to get the wind from underneath her....
For those Portraits I used my Nikon D700 + the Nikon Af-s 105 Micro... wonderfull combination..

Used pretty much the same lighting setup on those but put the hair on the other side of her head ....

Those are the pictures I was talking about,.. used the intense sunlight from outside to light things up... obviously the hightlights are blown out but in this case I think it's not just ok.. :)

Hope you like those pictures,... even though I haven't done studio work on a regular basis in the last 8 month or so I'm pleased with those results...

Hope I get back there soon.. more tk tomorrow ... then I'll shoot a football game :)

Donnerstag, 24. Februar 2011

Project: People in the evening - Week 4 Update 11

Next Update,.. this time a little more planned, kinda shooting character instead of "just" doing portraiture.

For today's pictures I met Dina, a friend of a friend.. (weird ?) who saw my pictures and wanted to shoot with me for the project.

The lil' russian girl was really cold-resistant, obviously... some Vodka shot and the world is okay ;)

Due to being early we walked around, searching the right spot to start and I decided to start a little bit earlier and benefit of the deep blue sky once again,... after taking the first shots in a more cozy outfit she changed and put on a nice dress and high heels for some more pictures.

Thanks for shooting Dina !

Here you can see the deep blue sky,..

A bit of a profound or reflective mood here.. I think the tone the sky produces in the b/w is a really good match cause it falls pretty perfect between her dark hair and the skintone.

Lovely Bokeh here in combination with her expression.. nice one..

For this picture we searched a real narrow alley to match that kind of b/w style....

Thanks for reading the Blog.. if you like it.. like it :D
More to come pretty soon !

Montag, 21. Februar 2011

Project: People in the evening - Week 4 Update 10

Started the 4th week of my project with another gorgeous blue eyed girl, lord, I really know lot's of girls with blue eyes :)

After having some coffee we walked around the first district, starting at the university of Vienna, ending up at the "Schwedenplatz" on the other side of the district.
Talked a lot and took a few pictures,...

This time I tried to get a bit more contrast by underexposing the picture slightly to not burn out too many highlights in the background...
Also used the 105mm lens, was lucky to find a really bright spot where I could use it properly.

And what we did is that...

Was pretty nice with all the bright Bokeh in the background, matching her bright eyes, hair and skin really wonderful.

Tried a bit of a different crop,.. focusing more on her smile :)

Here I used the longer glass,.. the Bokeh is a bit softer than the Sigma's ... I guess you can see, it was very very cold !

Hope you like those pictures, feel free to like the post or comment :)

Sonntag, 20. Februar 2011

project: People in the evening - Week 3 Update 9

Today I met some fellas in the city to take some shots for my project.
Since I had a couple with me I also took some shots of them, I can tell you, I had a hard time getting both in focus with a pretty wide open aperture ... but on one picture both look cute and are in focus.. :)

Also played around with lenses and post production.
Tried the Af-s Micro 105 2.8 VR... f2.8 is definitely not enough for taking that shots,.. I even tried ISO 800 but the picture was pretty dark... so I will need to get a 85 1.4 or 105 2.0 ... if I want to use a longer lens for my project.

As I edited the pictures I was using some color/tonal variations and some different types of b/w.

Was using my D700 + Sigma 50 f/1.4 EX HSM again..

Her expression is very natural as she was looking towards her boyfriend....

Really like her glossy eyes on this one !

As I mentioned earlier, those two are a couple and it was pretty hard to get both in focus.. but here I was lucky with the focus,.. the expression is very human and very warm, so I charged it, made 3 frames and that was the deal :)

Tried to use the lantern as a hairlight ... worked out pretty good

Same here, but stood at the opposite side of the place :)

Funny situation.. told him not to look angry as he did most of the time, then Lisa, his girlfriend started acting stupid... and that's the result :)

More to come, hopefully soon ! :)

Freitag, 18. Februar 2011

Project: People in the evening - Week 3 Update 8

Yesterday I took some pictures of my friend Lisa after having some dinner and planning our next semester ...

She was wearing her fur jacket and a really sweet hood... in addition to her wonderful deep blue eyes it gave me a completely new sort of style to work with...

Here are the results :)

Sweetness.. ?!

Those reflections in her eyes are great,..  I really focus on them when I look at this picture :)

I guess you can see, it was pretty cold yesterday ...

Hope you like those pictures and comment on my blog ! :)
More tk ... tomorrow Pin Up workshop with Manfred Baumann !