Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

We were spontaneous !

After two weeks without any shooting I asked at Facebook who is willing to take some nice pictures and finally had the pleasure to shoot with two sweet blondes, okay, in fact one blonde and one fake blonde, anyway, we took some really nice pictures.
Originally we planned on shooting at the city park of Vienna, because of heavy rain and snowfall we went for some coffee, afterwards we drove to the Flex and shooted alongside the club.

Special thanks to Alex who was a great model and a even better assistant ! :)

Here is what we did..

Using my Nikon D700 and the AF-s Micro 105 2.8 for an available light shot of Mary.
In Lightroom I desaturated the picture a a bit, in Photoshop I used Dodge & Burn and some Highpass for more contrast and an even skin-tone.

I simply love the sharpness and Bokeh of my 105mm lens.
Converted to b/w in Photoshop and used lot's of Dodge & Burn for more contrast.

Used the 50 1.4 to be able to stay at the lowest possible ISO,.. at f/1.8 I got a pretty sharp picture, used one strobe as a hard shoulder light to have some separation between her dark jacked and the dark environment.

Here we used two strobes, one as a shoulder light, camera left behind the model and on in front of her with a diffusor as a softened light source.
In PS I used, again, lot's of Dodge & Burn for more contrast.
Btw.. here I dod not soften the skin ;)

Used ambient light and high ISO for that picture, just Lightroom and some D/B in Photohsop.

Thanks to both girls for the nice photo shoot with really good results ! :)

More TK...!

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