Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Random January


Since I have to complete some exams in January I just did some random stuff and haven't had the time for planned shootings.

Hope you like those random pictures :)

Maxi at flex club.
Using my D700 at ISO 800 (?) and the Nikkor AF-s 50 f/1.4G at f/1.6,.. the focus does not lie at the foremost eye, it's between her hood and her left eye.. anyway.. used lot's of dodge & burn and some highpass for more contrast :)
I really like it.. one of the best pictures of her :)

My lil' cat Lilli, it's really difficult to photograph her, event at extremely high ISO she's a black spot without any contrast, so I needed to use my strobes.
One camera left in front of her and one camera left behind her...

And the cat of my mother, I simply love his whisker :D

Cookies :)

My good friend Lisa, wanted to photograph her several times but.. guess, she's a girl :D

I was lucky, the light was so beautiful and soft and I could focus on her wonderful blue eyes.
Used my Nikon D700 at ISO 400 and the Nikon 105 2.8 at f/3.2... simple love the lense, sharp, contrasty and it has a great Bokeh ! :)

More TK...!!

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