Mittwoch, 5. Januar 2011

Graz, Best Friend & my D700

2011,.. and it began really great.. ok, lot of work to do ... around 600 pages to read for my exams.. but..

On monday the DPD delivery guy brought my Nikon D700 + the batterypack MB-D10,.. after taking some test shots with it my D5000 (which is a wonderful camera) feels like a toy,.. anyway.. I love it..

With both of my cameras, and some lenses (Tamron 10-24, Nikon 50, Nikon 105mm) I drove to Graz to visit my best friend Nadja,.. or .. Naddl.. but bssst.. I'm the only one who does not get killed when he calls her like that :D

We walked around Graz and decided to take some shots on the top of the "Schlossberg",... and it was the absolutely right choice... both of us where able to take some great shots of Graz and I tried some portraits with the Nikon creative lighting system at "Auto FP Highspeed Sync"... didn't work out as I hoped because the sun was to bright for just one SB600,... but I will try again with more flashes.. Strobist for the win !! :)

And here you got some of my shots of Graz, Nadja,.. and one of myself.. (oh my god, shouldn't allow her again to take pictures of me :D)

Panorama right over Graz,.. just tried to balance the exposure as good as possible (took the pictures with my D5000 and Tamron 10-24 at 10mm, ISO 200, f/8 and a variety of exposures) 
At Lightroom I worked with some blue and green tones, overall saturation and lots of clarity for the clouds)

Just some sort of "I love bokeh" :) Nikkor Af-s 105 f/2.8G at the D700 :)

Some low key pictures of my best friend... I just used ambient light, a fair amount of ISO and a wide opened f-stop,... just converted into b/w in Lightroom and used Dodge & Burn in Photoshop..

Me at a Café,... I think ISO 400, f1.6 or so... just played with some contrast and Highpass,..

More TK,..

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