Freitag, 7. Januar 2011

Cassandra in ambient light


Last night I tested the D700 the first time for real,.. horrible conditions, ...

Little light -> i needed high ISO
Poor contrast -> heavy task for the auto-focus

We endet up using the street lighting as a pretty hard light coming from above.

As I said I used my new Nikon D700 (with Batterypack) and the Nikon 50 f/1.4... which is a wonderful combo for such lighting condition !

Here some pictures

ISO 800, f/1.8 and 1/50s

Worked on colors, whitebalance and tones in Lightroom, exported it to Photoshop and used Dodge & Burn for some contrast adjustments, layer style and Highpass for some more contrast and details and after that to soften the skin a little bit...

I used pretty much the same post precessing methods but added some grain,.. and took the picture at ISO 1250 and f/1.6 to brighten it up a bit,..

ISO 2500, f/1.4 and 1/50s

Just some Lightroom adjustments, converted into B/W, added grain and some more contrast using the gradation curve,..

Thanks for reading !

More TK!!

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