Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Ally & Lisa at the town hall of Vienna

Saturday, around 30 minutes late, because I bought a 5 in 1 reflector prior to the shoot.

Originally I thought of using my strobes all the time to have the option of directing the light as I want it.
BUT,.. 1) I forgot my tripod, 2) it was so bright and the light really wonderful and last, but not least, I loved to use the reflector

Here, a preview and some explanations to the pictures :)

D700, ISO 200 and f/2.2... I just tried to put a little light on her face by using the reflector with the gold side to the left of her and eliminate the shadows underneath her nose and chin...

Just used some ambient light and f/2.. I wanted to get a nice and soft skin without using too much photoshop.. 
Btw... I did NOT photoshop her eyes too much, just some light dodge & burn and that's it.. the color is totally original and the fantastic fact is.. in different light her eyes had some little color variations ! :)

Pretty much the same but with the white side of the reflector and a nice breeze :)

Soft skin, wonderful brown/green eyes... love it.. her expression, this time I used local contrast to get some more signing into her eyes, because of her extremely dark hair I took a bright picture, the benefit of it is the soft looking skin,..

Nothing to add.. golden shimmer from the reflector, great facial expression, flying hair..

We just tried to create a minimalistic look in order to load those pictures up at , did we succeed ?

That's it this time,.. more TK ..!!


  1. Die Bilder find ich toll. Wie hast du das mit dem Reflektor gemacht? Hattest du ihn auf einem Ständer montiert oder hat ihn immer jemand gehalten?

  2. Den Reflektor hab ich meist angelehnt oder eines der Models hat ihn gehalten... :)