Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

3 Girls....

Hey folks

On friday afternoon I had my first studio shooting session an about 7 month or so.
Controlled lighting.. what a wonderful thing !

Originally I planned with one girl, a friend of mine, but she brought a friend to the studio and her friend did  the same, so I had to deal with 3 girls at once.
Not the easiest thing for sure, but two girls assisted and one of them stood in front of the camera.

We planned on doing some 60's like "pin up" style and I guess we did that pretty good.

After that I took some portrait of all the girls and concentrated on their eyes...

And here some shots + explanations...

Phone call ?
Thought of a classic pin up style but a bit different setup and pose.
Had a 120cm Oktabox camera right, one Spotlight camera left and two Softboxes behind the model to brighten up the background.
Just tried to get as much dynamic range into the picture as possible and strengthen that with dodge & burn,... used my 105mm lens for that picture at f11 or so..

Here I tried to take portraits of her in a Pin Up style ,... used pretty much the same lighting and post processing and used some Highpass to soften the skin a bit...

She asked me if we could use that kind of top.. and I love it.. that glitter and the reflections are so cool.. just strengthened that effect with dodge & burn and some Highpass.... those pictures are a true highlight for me !!

Cheese... it was so hard to get her to laugh...even though she brushed her teeth before we took the pictures (good girl)
Used a spot on the background .. which did not fire every shot and sadly not at the shots she looked the best,... anyway.. beauty dish camera right above the model and a reflector around the hight of her hips ..

Same Setup.. but concentrated on her blue eyes ....

She was so great.. totally shy and finally we took ONE.. I repeat .. ONE (!!!) picture and she looks so sweet on it... that's simply girl's confidence..

Hope you like those pictures..

More tk...!

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