Samstag, 29. Januar 2011

3 Girls....

Hey folks

On friday afternoon I had my first studio shooting session an about 7 month or so.
Controlled lighting.. what a wonderful thing !

Originally I planned with one girl, a friend of mine, but she brought a friend to the studio and her friend did  the same, so I had to deal with 3 girls at once.
Not the easiest thing for sure, but two girls assisted and one of them stood in front of the camera.

We planned on doing some 60's like "pin up" style and I guess we did that pretty good.

After that I took some portrait of all the girls and concentrated on their eyes...

And here some shots + explanations...

Phone call ?
Thought of a classic pin up style but a bit different setup and pose.
Had a 120cm Oktabox camera right, one Spotlight camera left and two Softboxes behind the model to brighten up the background.
Just tried to get as much dynamic range into the picture as possible and strengthen that with dodge & burn,... used my 105mm lens for that picture at f11 or so..

Here I tried to take portraits of her in a Pin Up style ,... used pretty much the same lighting and post processing and used some Highpass to soften the skin a bit...

She asked me if we could use that kind of top.. and I love it.. that glitter and the reflections are so cool.. just strengthened that effect with dodge & burn and some Highpass.... those pictures are a true highlight for me !!

Cheese... it was so hard to get her to laugh...even though she brushed her teeth before we took the pictures (good girl)
Used a spot on the background .. which did not fire every shot and sadly not at the shots she looked the best,... anyway.. beauty dish camera right above the model and a reflector around the hight of her hips ..

Same Setup.. but concentrated on her blue eyes ....

She was so great.. totally shy and finally we took ONE.. I repeat .. ONE (!!!) picture and she looks so sweet on it... that's simply girl's confidence..

Hope you like those pictures..

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Mittwoch, 26. Januar 2011

We were spontaneous !

After two weeks without any shooting I asked at Facebook who is willing to take some nice pictures and finally had the pleasure to shoot with two sweet blondes, okay, in fact one blonde and one fake blonde, anyway, we took some really nice pictures.
Originally we planned on shooting at the city park of Vienna, because of heavy rain and snowfall we went for some coffee, afterwards we drove to the Flex and shooted alongside the club.

Special thanks to Alex who was a great model and a even better assistant ! :)

Here is what we did..

Using my Nikon D700 and the AF-s Micro 105 2.8 for an available light shot of Mary.
In Lightroom I desaturated the picture a a bit, in Photoshop I used Dodge & Burn and some Highpass for more contrast and an even skin-tone.

I simply love the sharpness and Bokeh of my 105mm lens.
Converted to b/w in Photoshop and used lot's of Dodge & Burn for more contrast.

Used the 50 1.4 to be able to stay at the lowest possible ISO,.. at f/1.8 I got a pretty sharp picture, used one strobe as a hard shoulder light to have some separation between her dark jacked and the dark environment.

Here we used two strobes, one as a shoulder light, camera left behind the model and on in front of her with a diffusor as a softened light source.
In PS I used, again, lot's of Dodge & Burn for more contrast.
Btw.. here I dod not soften the skin ;)

Used ambient light and high ISO for that picture, just Lightroom and some D/B in Photohsop.

Thanks to both girls for the nice photo shoot with really good results ! :)

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Dienstag, 25. Januar 2011

Random January


Since I have to complete some exams in January I just did some random stuff and haven't had the time for planned shootings.

Hope you like those random pictures :)

Maxi at flex club.
Using my D700 at ISO 800 (?) and the Nikkor AF-s 50 f/1.4G at f/1.6,.. the focus does not lie at the foremost eye, it's between her hood and her left eye.. anyway.. used lot's of dodge & burn and some highpass for more contrast :)
I really like it.. one of the best pictures of her :)

My lil' cat Lilli, it's really difficult to photograph her, event at extremely high ISO she's a black spot without any contrast, so I needed to use my strobes.
One camera left in front of her and one camera left behind her...

And the cat of my mother, I simply love his whisker :D

Cookies :)

My good friend Lisa, wanted to photograph her several times but.. guess, she's a girl :D

I was lucky, the light was so beautiful and soft and I could focus on her wonderful blue eyes.
Used my Nikon D700 at ISO 400 and the Nikon 105 2.8 at f/3.2... simple love the lense, sharp, contrasty and it has a great Bokeh ! :)

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Sonntag, 16. Januar 2011

Ally & Lisa at the town hall of Vienna

Saturday, around 30 minutes late, because I bought a 5 in 1 reflector prior to the shoot.

Originally I thought of using my strobes all the time to have the option of directing the light as I want it.
BUT,.. 1) I forgot my tripod, 2) it was so bright and the light really wonderful and last, but not least, I loved to use the reflector

Here, a preview and some explanations to the pictures :)

D700, ISO 200 and f/2.2... I just tried to put a little light on her face by using the reflector with the gold side to the left of her and eliminate the shadows underneath her nose and chin...

Just used some ambient light and f/2.. I wanted to get a nice and soft skin without using too much photoshop.. 
Btw... I did NOT photoshop her eyes too much, just some light dodge & burn and that's it.. the color is totally original and the fantastic fact is.. in different light her eyes had some little color variations ! :)

Pretty much the same but with the white side of the reflector and a nice breeze :)

Soft skin, wonderful brown/green eyes... love it.. her expression, this time I used local contrast to get some more signing into her eyes, because of her extremely dark hair I took a bright picture, the benefit of it is the soft looking skin,..

Nothing to add.. golden shimmer from the reflector, great facial expression, flying hair..

We just tried to create a minimalistic look in order to load those pictures up at , did we succeed ?

That's it this time,.. more TK ..!!

Future Beatz feat. Black Sun Empire

This month' Future Beatz had the pleasure to welcome an old stager, Black Sun Empire.

The Beatz were really deep and the crowd was pretty good I'd say..

The night's best pix just @ Volume !!!

And a preview :)

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Dienstag, 11. Januar 2011

Jade Models training day

Saturday I had the pleasure to work for Jade Models,... (

From time to time they arrange a so called "Training Day" for models and photographers, from newcomers to professional ones.

We were 5 photographers and 8 models, I worked with 5 of those girls in various locations, like indoors at a leather couch or the studio and also outdoor in the garden and at a baulk at the lower part of the old danube where the house we where shooting was located.

And here you got the preview and some explanations of the lighting setups..

The fog in the background was really wonderful to work with, it was a giant softbox for the sunlight and created a totally diffused light.
To add some drama and shadows to the picture I used 2 strobes, the SB900 from a quarter angle camera left as a fill light and a SB600 as a strong hair light to mimic the sunlight from right behind the model.
The picture was taken at ISO200 and f/2.5 of my Nikon 50 f/1.4 lens and auto fp highspeed sync of 1/500s. 

The intention of these pictures was to show a little girl who's kinda lost outside in the cold,.. at the first of those pictures we were lucky and able to take the picture with Lara, the dog of the owner of the shooting location,.. she was really great :)
Here I used just the diffused ambient light and tried to balance the lighting to be able to get some sort of signing into the black of the jacked.

With Nicole the work was a little different,.. she's the sexy type of girl and we wanted to show that in some way,.. I guess it worked out pretty good :)
This picture was also taken with just ambient light and I tried to get some focus on her by desaturating the background a little bit,..
Here I was using ISO 200, 1/200s and f/2.8 at 50mm.

Now I changed the lighting setup a bit.
I basically underexposed the background by about 1 f-stop or so and filled her in with 2 strobes, one camera left around where her feet point at, and one, as you can see pretty easy, behind her.

With her I planned something different in terms of posing and facial expression,...
Btw... the hairlight was my SB600 lying behind the model,.. I was really impressed how good the Nikon Creative Lighting System works.. event when the sensor of the flash did not face the camera it worked really good with iTTL !!

Just some portraits, using f/2.5 at the left picture and f/1.8 for the right one.
Wanted a really small DoF to put the focus on her beautiful face !

Just some studio work,... tried some new methods in Photoshop,.. first I used lot's of Dodge & Burn to get some more contrast into the the areas of shadow and highlight, followed by some work on the skin my removing some scars and soften it a bit and after this I added some contrast by using highpass and layer style soft light.

Two blondes, two moods...

In my opinion the expression on Elli's face, especially when it comes to picture #2 is just awesome.
It really tells the story of a sad young girl who drank too much, but why.... think about it !!!
I used 2 strobes.. one camera left at iTTL -0.7 and one also camera left at 35mm (should have used 85mm) to light the glass and stain on the floor mimicking the sunlight coming from the left through the window.

Playing with some DoF .. f/1.4 at 50mm and full frame :D

Thanks to Dominik for giving me the opportunity to shoot.
Special thanks to Elli, Sasi, Steffi, Nici & Jessy for the great pictures ! :)

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