Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Urban Playgrounds feat. Moonbootica & Ferris MC

Good music, good friends, I guess you don't need more for a nice party.
And that was what I've found yesterday at the Volksgarten in Vienna.

Sat most of the time backstage and talked to some really interesting people like the guys of Moonbootica and Ferris MC,...sadly they played at the same time so I couldn't enjoy both sets the whole time.

As last time it was really difficult to get some light into the background because it was so fu**ing dark there. And also the visuals where virtually unpredictable, so I couldn't wait for them to shoot.

But the overview pix are really cool I guess... but I needet ISO 2500 for them.. I mean, what the hell ?!

The complete gallery -> Volume Gallery

And here a little preview:

More TK..

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