Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Urban Playgournds feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner & Monika Kruse

Damn.. that was a fu**in awesome party.

Havn't had such a great night outta the Drum n Bass scene in a long time.
Backstage we were joking about some shmoes who thought "Monika Kruse" is a guy... lol ?

Talked to some fun people of Urban Artforms, Volksgarten and good friends... simply some great people showed up...

But to take pictures was horrible... the dancefloor was dull like a dark room and even with ISO 2500 and 1/5s the pictures where freakin' dark.. wtf ?

I finally decided to change them to some high contrast b/w in LR3 and be happy without colors.
I also tried a low contrast style... I think I like it and will try a complete gallery with it :)

Special thanks to Tom, Birgit, Felix & Juli... and also to Fritz aka Kalki & Monika for the great tunes !!!

The gallery, just @ Volume

And a lil' preview...

More TK,..

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