Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Searching for the right,.... camera

Saturday was a pretty fun day.

Met my good friend Nini in the afternoon, cause she will get her first DSRL this christmas.
So,.. I went with her to some shops to find the right,.. explained lot's of things and she touched everything from Canon to Nikon, Sony, dslr's and also a PEN.... finally she tend's to the Nikon D3100,.. GOOD GIRL, NIKON USERS ARE THE BETTER HUMANS !! :D

After that we wanted to search in the internet, to be exactly at for the best price.
But every café was crowded as hell,... so we decided to go to the christmas market at MQ, and drink a punch,... btw.. she is stupid, she didn't like her's but didn't swap with me... just because she's soooo tight ;)

Then we waited for her friend Anna and took some pictures,...

Here you got some !

More TK..

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