Sonntag, 5. Dezember 2010

Mainframe - Vienna Drum n Bass massive feat. Ed Rush & Tali

Oh my dear.. a tune of Disaszt & Infame.. but I guess we could describe the last night with those words !!

Massive line up,... not only Ed Rush,... Tali.. the first female MC showed up... and those two artists  brought really amazing dnb to vienna.
The crowd was going crazy like hell and it was really fun to take pictures there !!

Thumbs up.. see you in january when Spor hits us with some dark tunes !!

Mainframe @ Facebook

The best pix, just at Volume - Lautstärke zum Lesen !!!
To be exactly you get all the pictures Volume Gallery !!

To write something about the pictures.

I worked around ISO 1250 and 1/6s for the pictures af the people.. always at 10mm focal lenght and f5 to get some descend (sharp) pictures (front focus at my Tamron isn't funny :( )
Flash on camera and TTL... that's it
For the crowd I used ISO 2500 and 1/25s...

And the preview

More TK !!

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