Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

2010 is over - new projects to come in 2011

The year is mostly done, so I thought of 2011 and what I will do next year.

I will start 2 projects and do extra blogging for them.

1) Every week a self-portrait

Will take 52 different shots of myself, using different light/sources, lenses, apertures, post processing methods and so on.
The focus will be to creatively work with as less material as possible and get the most out of what I have, just myself and in progression of the year enhance my creativity and versatility.

2.) My Vienna

The goal of this project will be to point out a different view on my hometown Vienna, a city with different faces, you see rich people in the inner city, beggars alongside of them, wonderful architecture and some run down residential areas,...
I want to show what Vienna is all about and how I see it, photographically .

And I also got some big news for myself :)
With a bit of luck my Nikon D700 will be shipped before new years eve ! :)

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