Donnerstag, 30. Dezember 2010

2010 is over - new projects to come in 2011

The year is mostly done, so I thought of 2011 and what I will do next year.

I will start 2 projects and do extra blogging for them.

1) Every week a self-portrait

Will take 52 different shots of myself, using different light/sources, lenses, apertures, post processing methods and so on.
The focus will be to creatively work with as less material as possible and get the most out of what I have, just myself and in progression of the year enhance my creativity and versatility.

2.) My Vienna

The goal of this project will be to point out a different view on my hometown Vienna, a city with different faces, you see rich people in the inner city, beggars alongside of them, wonderful architecture and some run down residential areas,...
I want to show what Vienna is all about and how I see it, photographically .

And I also got some big news for myself :)
With a bit of luck my Nikon D700 will be shipped before new years eve ! :)

Freitag, 24. Dezember 2010

Beat It! feat. Rockwell

That was a great "pre X-Mas party" !!

The Flex was crowded as hell and the atmosphere was amazing !!

I don't want to waste time, presenting that event, cause the pictures will speak for themselves :)

ISO at 800-1250, f5 and 1/2s-1/15s,...
Tried a new and a bit brighter and more colorful Lightroom preset,.. hope you like it !!

The complete gallery at - this time I just supported another photographer with around 90 pix !

And a preview !

Sonntag, 19. Dezember 2010

Searching for the right,.... camera

Saturday was a pretty fun day.

Met my good friend Nini in the afternoon, cause she will get her first DSRL this christmas.
So,.. I went with her to some shops to find the right,.. explained lot's of things and she touched everything from Canon to Nikon, Sony, dslr's and also a PEN.... finally she tend's to the Nikon D3100,.. GOOD GIRL, NIKON USERS ARE THE BETTER HUMANS !! :D

After that we wanted to search in the internet, to be exactly at for the best price.
But every café was crowded as hell,... so we decided to go to the christmas market at MQ, and drink a punch,... btw.. she is stupid, she didn't like her's but didn't swap with me... just because she's soooo tight ;)

Then we waited for her friend Anna and took some pictures,...

Here you got some !

More TK..

Urban Playgrounds feat. Moonbootica & Ferris MC

Good music, good friends, I guess you don't need more for a nice party.
And that was what I've found yesterday at the Volksgarten in Vienna.

Sat most of the time backstage and talked to some really interesting people like the guys of Moonbootica and Ferris MC,...sadly they played at the same time so I couldn't enjoy both sets the whole time.

As last time it was really difficult to get some light into the background because it was so fu**ing dark there. And also the visuals where virtually unpredictable, so I couldn't wait for them to shoot.

But the overview pix are really cool I guess... but I needet ISO 2500 for them.. I mean, what the hell ?!

The complete gallery -> Volume Gallery

And here a little preview:

More TK..

Sonntag, 12. Dezember 2010

Future Beatz feat. Danny Byrd

Really really nice party.

The tunes of Danny Byrd were great (in my humble option) and especially Mr. Body & Soul aka Rob Step did great on the decks,.. big up !!

After being sick for a few days I haven't thought about taking much pictures and just concentrating on doing my job for Urban Artforms,.. but the crowd was awesome and so I got some nice pix of those people !!

Lucky me, 2 days ago I got my Sb600 back,.. repaired, and could use my Sb900 as a hot shoe master and the 600 as a slave for the dj pix and I love it.

I used my Nikkor Af-s 35 1.8 and my Tamron 10-24 ...

For the darker pictures I went with ISO 200 to get some deep shadows onto the dj(s),.. and ISO 1250 for the more crazy pictures with some action in them.

The complete gallery as every time just at

And here a lil' preview...

More TK..

Mittwoch, 8. Dezember 2010

Urban Playgournds feat. Fritz Kalkbrenner & Monika Kruse

Damn.. that was a fu**in awesome party.

Havn't had such a great night outta the Drum n Bass scene in a long time.
Backstage we were joking about some shmoes who thought "Monika Kruse" is a guy... lol ?

Talked to some fun people of Urban Artforms, Volksgarten and good friends... simply some great people showed up...

But to take pictures was horrible... the dancefloor was dull like a dark room and even with ISO 2500 and 1/5s the pictures where freakin' dark.. wtf ?

I finally decided to change them to some high contrast b/w in LR3 and be happy without colors.
I also tried a low contrast style... I think I like it and will try a complete gallery with it :)

Special thanks to Tom, Birgit, Felix & Juli... and also to Fritz aka Kalki & Monika for the great tunes !!!

The gallery, just @ Volume

And a lil' preview...

More TK,..