Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Thoughts about analog SLR camera, and a view above Vienna

The last several days I thought about starting a project and buy a analog SLR,..maybe I'll give it a try and do some shootings with it,.. or just a few shots.. we'll see.
I simply love the flair of film grain and analog b/w pictures and got inspired by Dave Hill's analog portraits on his website (http://www.davehillphoto.com/gallery/portraits)
That's why I thought about buying a cheap SLR and start the project.

Finally.. I will buy a Nikon F75, which will give me the opportunity to use my new fixed focal lenght lenses, which are the Nikkor AF-s 50 f/1.4G and the Nikkor AF-s Micro 105 f/2.8 VR,...
IF,.. my start into analog photography is reasonably expedient I may buy a better camera, like a F100, F5 or something like that.

At my way back to the metro I thought of doing a picture at the top of the U6 station "Burggasse/Stadthalle" at the café up there with my ultra wide angle (Tamron 10-24)

I tried a new style at LR and PS to give it a quite cold touch and get some clear signing into Viennas wonderfull cloudy sky.

Here you got the picture, hope you like it !

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