Dienstag, 9. November 2010


Hy everyone.

This will be my first post I write in english, just because I wanna reach a bigger community with my kind of work,..

So.. today I want to say something about the typical mistakes nearly everyone does when it comes to event photography. (inspired by Joe McNally's blog post on general mistakes)

I don't say my pictures in Vienna's clubs are perfect, or even close, but I reach a really big community of (party) people with my style of taking pictures here and there, so I guess, something's gonna be good.

And because lot's of people ask me how I take my pictures, I want to share what's different to my first pictures I took.

Mistake 1#: Darkness !

Nearly 100% of those guys and girls who attend in clubs and take pictures there are getting WAY to dark, like ISO 200, 1/100s and think it's fine when they light the people correctly, just no kind of blur or camera shake.
But that's simply bull**it - go up with the ISO, every event site show's the pictures in 800x600 or so.. you won't see any noise or something at that size.. even with amateur cameras,..
Go for a slow shutter speed - I usualy work with 1/6-1/10s... with the backlight you get in ordinary clubs the flash freezes the people and you won't have much of a blur,.. when you got some kind of blurry backround.. fine.. !

Mistake #2: Sharpness

No.. I don't say.. you don't need it,.. but you don't take any close ups and you simply have no need to be able to count every hair....
Focus on the eyes, when your lense is "in shape" the sharpness will be where it needs do be !
So you don't have to delete every slightly unsharp picture you take and take another one,.. and so on,..

Mistake #3: The Money !!

Yes.. it's fine to get some money and to try to get as much out of it as possible.. but take your time !
Don't run in a hundred clubs every night just to get a € more... you won't have any fun,.. and that should be part of Photography - even if it's "just" in a club.. you should have fun with what you do.
If you are good enough you will have the chance to earn more cash,.. !
So attend at clubs you like, where you like the music, the people and so on.. stay there and be part of the party,.. !!

Mistake #4: How many pictures ?!

As much as possible.. but without asking everybody who's in the club for a picture.
Show the camera, have fun, the people will come and ask you for the photo, I promise !
And IF not,.. not bad.. less work, more party !

Mistake #5: love what you do

As said in #3,.. it's sensless to run around and do as much as possible... you will loose your will to do it.. I was facing that problem too.. thought I have to be there, and there and there and and and.. but now I just do what I want,.. just one or two galleries a week.. sometimes no gallery.. just because I only take pictures at parties I like !

And also - take pictures YOU like.. create your own style, just don't take ordinary pictures of ordinary people.. it's annoying because everyone could do it and there is nothing special.
I really do not take the best pictures in Vienna, but I love MY style.,. sometimes it's clean and "beautyfull", sometimes I go crazy and use my ultra wide angle and create some coneheads.. and because I love what I do I got lot's of people who love my pictures.. I can't count the friend requests after every gallery because they want to tell me that they like my pictures and use them as a profile picture.. I saw event galleries at facebook which consisted just out of my pictures since those kids know me..

And I guess,.. when I am able to love it.. everybody can do it !
So.. the best tipp is - go out and have fun !!

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