Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Busy day - starting with a beautiful face, called Ally

Oh my god.

I took close to a 1000 pictures yesterday, in the afternoon I shooted a good friend of mine and we did some portraits.

We met in the city and spotted some locations, after running around for quite a while we thought of an "old" and a bit classic location for shootings, the "Donaukanal".

I usually thought of taking some pictures with 2 strobes but,.. one of my strobe's isn't working so we had to use just available light,.. so far so good.. but with the conditions out there it was pretty difficult.
After some serious problems we fixed the that,.. it had to be the right locations with consistent light all over the place.

So I guess with doing some high key's and using the light properly we created some really nice pictures and showed once more what a beauty she is !

here you got a lil' preview.