Sonntag, 28. November 2010

Early wake-up call !

Originally my model and I wanted to meet around 1 o'clock PM,.. as fate play's into our lifes her mother did make an appointment at the hairdresser because she planned to attend at a ball with her boyfriend.

The conclusion was that we had to meet at 11 AM.. no problem, but when you get called around 8 AM if it snows in Vienna it's really a bit early.

After meeting at "Landstraße" we walked through the city park of Vienna to find some nice locations to shoot.

The plan was to shoot just with the ambient light.

What did that mean ? Exactly, two lenses in my camera bag, the Nikkor AF-s 50 f/1.4 and my favorite portrait lense, the Nikkor AF-s Micro 105 f/2.8 VR...

When I was post processing the pictures I had really big problems with CA'a my 50mm lense produces... (a problem I don't know when it comes to pictures of the 105mm Nikkor)

But I guess the pictures speak for themselves and her wonderfull look ! :)

The preview !

Oh, what a night !

The last big Drum n Bass party took place at W.U.K,...
With J.Majik & Sigma the line up was pretty awesome and the crowd was going crazy !

Sadly the crowd was pretty small and I wasn't able to take that much cool pix last night.
So I had plenty of time to focus on the MC and the Dj's at the stage.

Because of the difficult light situation, and the fact that I hadn't anytime of consistant light the pictures are a bit different,.. but I tried something different,.. success :D

The whole gallery, you know it, just at
Part I @ Volume (my gallery)
Part II @ Volume (new photographer)

The preview :

Dienstag, 23. November 2010

Thoughts about analog SLR camera, and a view above Vienna

The last several days I thought about starting a project and buy a analog SLR,..maybe I'll give it a try and do some shootings with it,.. or just a few shots.. we'll see.
I simply love the flair of film grain and analog b/w pictures and got inspired by Dave Hill's analog portraits on his website (
That's why I thought about buying a cheap SLR and start the project.

Finally.. I will buy a Nikon F75, which will give me the opportunity to use my new fixed focal lenght lenses, which are the Nikkor AF-s 50 f/1.4G and the Nikkor AF-s Micro 105 f/2.8 VR,...
IF,.. my start into analog photography is reasonably expedient I may buy a better camera, like a F100, F5 or something like that.

At my way back to the metro I thought of doing a picture at the top of the U6 station "Burggasse/Stadthalle" at the café up there with my ultra wide angle (Tamron 10-24)

I tried a new style at LR and PS to give it a quite cold touch and get some clear signing into Viennas wonderfull cloudy sky.

Here you got the picture, hope you like it !

Sonntag, 21. November 2010

15 Years WICKED !!!!

Yesterday, Wicked was celebrating it's 15th birthday.
Since 1995 Wicked and the Wicked Squad stands for great music, great partys and a really really great crowd.

This time I tried to produce as bright pictures as possible and try a new Lightroom 3 preset I created.

As always I worked at ISO 800-1250, 10mm f3.5....

The whole gallery, as always just at

And a little preview !

Freitag, 19. November 2010

Mc Delight @ Beat It!

Today I was supporting a new photographer, who will work for Volume from now on, at Flex, Vienna.
Just with some pictures I send him for his gallery.

The main reason to show up was my good friend Cassandra aka Mc Delight who played alongside Mc Jimmy Danger and the Dj's Fox:Rox & Geetox.

Because, and I don't know why, the LED wall behind the Dj's wasn't running, so it was pretty difficult to get some good pix.

So I worked with my 50mm f/1.4 and low ISO to get some good portraits of her.
Here you get some results of that ....

Finally they turned up the lights and I was able to get some flashy pix with my 10-24mm lense,...
Here you got em'

 Andre and his new record... and his girl body :D

the comple gallery as always just at

Mittwoch, 17. November 2010

Vote for her !!


Today I post for a cute girl I will shoot.

She wanna be the next face of "Nature Pure" and I want to support her !!

Like that link:!/pages/Jademodels-International-Management/145654335482922

and finally like her picture !! :) (and no other ^^)

Link to her Picture:!/photo.php?fbid=145994342115588&set=a.145665252148497.27875.145654335482922 PLS LIKE !!!!!

Thanks and good luck for her :)

Sonntag, 14. November 2010

Future Beatz - John B. in tha house !

One of the wordl's top D'n'B producers and dj's spent some ours with us.. taking part of the Eristoff Tracks Future Beatz at Flex that Saturday.

Great crowd, great people and really good music, that was the end of my busy saturday.

After playing at the Urban Artforms Festival that summer John B. came back to Austria, this time to one of vienna's most popular clubs, the Flex.

Here you got a preview of what was going on that night !!

The complete gallery as always, just at
To be exactly ->

Happy Birthday Nici

The day went on and I kept beeing busy.

So at 10 o'clock pm I met an old friend to celebrate her 22nd birthday with her and some friends.

After drinking lot's of.. orange juicy a big Hummer Limo picked us up and brought us to the club.

Here you got some pictures I took at that wild party !